Who are we?
Coptic American Association of California was established in 1998.  As a result of the coptic movement.  
Coptic American Association is dedicated to helping Copts Human rights and religious freedom.

Who are the copts?
A Copt is a native Egyptian Christian. Today, more than 95% of the Copts belong to the Coptic Orthodox
Church. The word "Coptic" was originally used in Classical Arabic to refer to Egyptians in general, but it
has undergone semantic shift over the centuries to mean more specifically Egyptian Christian after the
bulk of the Egyptian population converted to Islam.
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What are our Goals?
1-Coptic Human Rights & Religious Freedom.
2-Looking hard to change the codes of the Egyptian (Muslim) Constitution, Which are essentially
established in opposition to the legal human rights of Christians according to international law.
3- Using all possible avenues to defend our victimized daughters in Egypt and do all that's possible to
safely return the ones that get kidnapped, threatened, and raped back to their families.
4- Reclaim our stolen Coptic Orthodox Trusts.
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Coptic American Association
We are the Copts and we pray for the Peace of the world, Peace in the Middle East, especially in EGYPT.
We pray for our leaders.